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    September 01, 2005


    frank holland

    i am looking for my dad and uncle. terry holland and richard holland. if you have information on them please email me asap.

    Melissa Saucier

    My grandfather and his girlfriend live in Harrahan La. We have not heard from them since the hurrican hit. His name is John Gambino and her name is Eula Mattes. If you here anything please let me know by email. Thanks


    KATRINA SURVIVOR'S LIST - You can post names of your loved ones and view their status (missing, found). Also, you can enter your own contact information. I hope this helps.

    Brock White

    Stephen Robert Turow is my dad and is stuck in the New Orleans, LA area mess. I don't know if he has survived or not and I am desparate to hear from him. I love him very much & if anyone knows anything please let me know. I am starting to have anxiety/panic attacks about it now. I am 16. Please, please help me if you can.

    elaine duffy

    I am trying to find out any info on Patricia Boucher of West Hall Ave, and husband Jim, Frank and Joanne Stewart.Any information will be sincerely appreciated. Thanks, Elaine


    I am looking for my brother Jayson Reinhart. From the last we heard he was in the city of New Orleans. We have not heard any thing since the storm hit. Jayson is 29 years old, white male, whith brown hair and brown eyes. He is about sif feet tall. If you think you have saw him, or Jayson if you see this somehow,email me, or call dads cell.

    Christopher Jolly

    My name is Christopher Jolly. I'm looking for my father Gregory Paul Jolly who lives in Slidell. His address is 201 Harbor Drive. He was staying at the Metropolitan Hospice in New Orleans East just hours before the hurricane hit the city. The address of the Hospice is 5650 Read Blvd. If anyone has any info, please contact me at Home#(615)890-9289,Cell#(615)995-5330, or Work#(615)867-1575. You can also e-mail me at
    Thank you and God bless.

    Juan Perez

    I guess it sucks to have everything you own destroyed and your friends killed by something you CAN'T control. It is not fair.
    But hey, I guess the people in Irak get bombed because they actually wanted it...

    You know that at the same time that 100 people died in New Orleans, 800 hundred died in Bagdad because a bridge fell??? I don't see THAT in the news!


    We are desperatly looking for our family Chuck Doty, Claudete Ricourd and Mary Ricourd.They were last heard from in St. Bernard Parish. Mary needs medical attention.

    French Anthony Whitten

    I am looking for my two children, Jessica Lynn Whitten, and Brandon Anthony Whitten last heard going to grandmothers in Picayune Miss.Have not heard from them yet, ANY information please contact me (256)673-0174 or 256-878-5516.

    Lee Bryan

    Looking for the Tom Butera family from Ocean Springs, MS. Reside at 507 East Beach, family of four. Tom, Peggy, Mary and Thomas plus two young adult males from Australia and England. Please call 313 383-1289.

    Lee Bryan

    Looking for my sister and her family from Ocean Springs, MS. They are Tom, Peggy, Mary Elizabeth and Thomas Butera. We know they survived but have not heard anymore. Their home was at 507 East Beach Ocean Springs. Please help us. We also know they have two young men with them from Australia and England. Thanks to all for your help.

    janet vest

    Urgently seeking info re/my parents, Walter and Nava Bourgeois, residents of Lacombe, LA. (Residents of Little Dixie Ranch Road, off Hwy. 434). If anyone has ANY info, please contact me asap at
    Thanks ever so much. God bless. Janet Vest

    Leonardo Benavides

    I look for information of Monica Brimmer and their children, Luis Miguel Brimmer(10 years of age) and Chris Brimmer(14 years of age), they live in 70068 Devon Rd. The Place. his number of telephone is (7856537041). she works in a Christian church. my name is Leonardo Benavides, my email: ( she is my sister, thanks for the support.


    My name is Karen Lentini and I live in Memphis, TN. I am desperately looking for any word on my grandmother, aunt, and uncle. Their names are, respectively, Bobbie Pillsbury of Covington, La; and Wanda and Wayne Kelly of Dunnington Lane in Robert, LA. All of them have serious health conditions and we are concerned for thier safety. If anyone knows ANYTHING AT ALL please e-mail me at or call me at (901) 634-5963. Thank you and God Bless.

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