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September 13, 2005


jessica peoples

we are a small family of 4 living in north alabama we love animals and saw on the news all the needs of the misplaced animals..we would love to open up our home to adopt and or rescue animals from the coast that are in need of tlc and a permant or temp loving home

jessica peoples

can someone please give me info on how to go about adopting and or rescuing animals displaced by the hurricane? i have looked all over the internet and came up empty handed...i know time for these animals is running out id like to help before its too

Sandra Taylor

Having been looking for a lost dog and found him today on the webiste. Male Rottweiller picked up from 1029 Bourbon Street due to Hurrican Katrina. Owner is an elderly gnetlemen who is grieving from the loss of the dog. Saw on your website that "Booze" was at Lamar Dixon- Please either email or call me at 504-494-7663 so I can help this owner and pet get back together. Thank You!
Sandra Taylor
Director of Sales and Marketing
Brennan's Restaurant

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