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September 06, 2005



I am also interested in fostering or perment, up to 2 children. We have a loving home, and we are white if that is a need to know and have lots of animals , this is a small farm . I have 2 daughters ages 13 and 11 I am willing to take in boys or girls. We Live in East Tn. in a small town.
My email address is Crouchfarm


Hello. I am willing to open my home to any individual who may need a place to live for a while. I live in the Bay Area in California near San Francisco. I have a medical background so have the ability to assist someone with minor needs. I am a single mother of one 8 year old son but will do whatever I can to help.

Please contact me at

Thank You, Carrie

Michelle Childs

My husband and I and 3 kids would like to open our home and our hearts to help the children in need. We are interested in fostering or permently taking in 1 or 2 young children and or a baby. We live in the county on 5 acres of land. Our school dist. is one of the best in Washington State. Our children are #1 in our life. We would like to make a difference in this world and help in any way we can.
email is


We would like to open our loving home to a younger child as a temporary or permenant situation. We have 3 children and live in Nevada.

God Bless all in need.



We also are able to help any children that lost their parents due to Katrina. We are in Kansas and are able to offer foster care until adoption occurs and housing and schooling. Please email us at

Carrie B.

My husband and i would love to open our home to any small children or infants on a temporary or permanant basis that have been misplaced in the katrina disaster. Please email.

Kerri Casey

We are a loving christian family with children. We are willing to provide temporary or permanent housing to one (or two) children or teen misplaced in the katrina disaster. Transportation is not a problem. I can travel anywhere to help. I may also know others in my area to help. Our prayers are with you all.

Alicia Hoyt

Our family is interested in providing a loving environment for a child (or two) left without parents or a home by this disaster. We have two children, ages 3 and 11 months.

Jessica and Ryan Webster

We are a married couple of five years. I would love to give a home to children in need. Will adopt. We live in Saint Louis, Missouri, we have rooms for children in need. My husband,Ryan is 25 and is a Conductor for Union Pacific Railroad, I am a stay at home wife. We have no children of your own yet. God Bless you all of you.

Jennifer Verdugo-Black

Hello! My husband and I and our two boys 7 and 18 would like to open our heart and doors to children who have lost their families due to hurricane katrina. We live in Gallup NM and both parents come from large, loving families. We are open to temporary or permanent situations.

Deloyce Dhoruba

My husband and I have two children a boy and a girl, and we are willing to adopt two siblings that need temporary or permanent placement. We live right outside the Atlanta metro area. If there are more than two sibling we will still consider. Please cotact me at

Johnny and Brooke Setzer

My husband and I would love to open our home to children for temporary or permanent placement. We have no children. We would be willing to take 1 or 2. We live in Little Rock, AR.
Please contact me at


Tulsa,ok. wanting to foster or adopt 1 - 2 children ages:0-11.Gender & race does not matter.Temp to permanent placement ok.Approved home study!Have children.Please call 918-810-0853

C. E. Howard

African American Christian family with 4 children in North Florida is open to orphaned or foster children for short or long term.

Taykisha Ginyard

My family is willing to care for a young child who has been left without parents due to this disaster. My husband and I have a 9 year old son and much love to give.

monica bennett

my husband and I would like to adopt 2 children from katrina, we live in tampa fl, I have 2 children ages 10 and 12, we have a big house and my husband owns his own businesss, phone is 352-684-6681

Sherry and Jim Knight

My family can give a temporary or permanent home to one or two childern at the age of 5 or older. We would be honored to give them a home. Our home is located in Downey Ca. (562)928-3047

Gavin McClintock

Loving family with four children will accept children of any age on short term or permanent basis. God and family are first in our home. Anything we can do to help. Live on the plains of NE Colorado in rural setting with excellent schools and great community!Mom's a nurse and special needs children are welcome.(970)854-3802

Doris Scott

I am a 52 year old grandmother who would like to open up my home to foster or adopt an infant little girl or at least up to the age of three years old. I have three granddaughters, who would love to have a new little aunt.

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