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September 05, 2005


A. Victoria Johnson

There was a young boy approximately 4-5 years of age on the ABC channel 7 news here in Chicago,IL., wearing a red T-shirt; I think he was one of the ones that have been evacuated to the Houston area. He was crying and appeared to be without adult supervision. I'm not sure if he has family members, but I am willing to take him into my home. I am single with no children, however I am willing to give him a safe, secure, healthy home. Please advise as to this young man's situation.

cherina minor

i am out of work mother who just spent all of my money on trying to pay the rent. I dont even have a tree put up for my two kids.Kayla is 5 an Gregory is 7 and I need any help that can be provided to make my kids have a Merry Christmas and Iam not concerned about myself. My address is 5482Makeig Houston Texas 77026 and my number is 832-767-2767. Thank you in advance and May God Bless You!

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