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September 13, 2005


sabrina clark

I don't mean to take up much room but, i forgot to mention that we need help with xmas toys too. Anything will do. A blessing is a blessing whether it's a 50 cent baby doll or a $1.oo toy. Just will be happy to have something to offer the kids. 2 daughters ages 15 and 6. thanxs much.
Sabrina Clark
p.o. box 254
dekalb, ms. 39328

lana ellerson

i am a single mother of 7 and really could use help for kids are 11,9,7,6,5,3 and 9 months 5 girls and 2 boys we really dont have much living with my aunt until feb.if you could be of any help we would be greatful god bless you

Amanda Ault

I know a needy family this year that could use some help for Christmas.

There is one Child of 8 years old and the Mother is sick and on Disabilty and the boy's Dad died just last week.

The Mom has $2.00 left after paying the bills this month and that is not enough to get the child anything for Christmas.

The boy's Grandma used to buy him Christmas but she died the day after Christmas last year and now there is not anyone that can buy anything for them.

I would help the family out but I don't think that I will be able to come up with the funds by the time Christmas gets here.

I think that the boy would like a portable DVD player for Christmas. But, he would be okay with anything that he could get.

The family could also use some food they get food stamps but not enough food to last the whole month, and they could use some normal household items, such as, dish soap, laundry soap, shampoo.

I am not sure if you are only willing to help people in your area but if you are willing to help families from other states, this would be a good family to help.

Deaton is the family name and the address is:

1293 North Pine St. Apt. #52
Scottsburg, Indiana 47170

I am Amanda and my phone number is:
My e-mail address is


I'm a single mother of 3 wounderful children 12,7,and 3 two boys and a girl. I work in a hotel and dont make enough to make ends meet I was writing to see if I might be able to get help with christmas but as I read some of the post I think I may be ok and there may be families who need your help more. I'm from Wisconsin and not sure if you help here or not but it cant hurt to try (smile) If you may be able to help us a little after you have helped the others it would be very wounderful. My e-mail is and God bless and Happy Holidays to y'all
take care
Amye and family

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