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September 05, 2005



I also want to help any children that do not have parents.

Brenda Umholtz

Jennifer Verdugo-Black

My family is interested in fostering or permanent care of any children that have lost parents due to the hurricane. Please contact me at

Andrea Blum

I am trying to find out how i can help children who have been separated from their families. My boyfriend and I are coming to the new orleans area in about 2 weeks and want to volunteer to work at one of the shelters for the children. both of us have experience working with children and i am currently working as a nurse's aide at a pediatric rehab hospital. Please let me know what i can do and where my help will be needed most. Thank You


My wife and I are more than willing to help out any children in need of a temporary home. She teaches special education and we have both worked with children for many years...we also had 6 of our own. If you're in need of a loving family, please contact us. May God bless and help everyone in need. Pets are also welcomed.


We are willing to foster a child between the ages of 3-5 from Hurricane Katrina. We have two boys ages 3 and 5 and feel they would be able to provide a friendship to a child that is in such desparate need of stability at this time. We can provide a warm, loving home, food, clothing, education at a christian private preschool (where I am pre-k4 teacher). Please call 850-694-6287 or email me at
God Bless,

Kathryn Copeland

My husband and I are also interested in taking in a child or children without parent(s) between the age of newborn to 1yr of age to live with us permanetly. We live in Kentucky and have a stable home with lots of love and big hearts. We have lots of family all around us and they would welcome a new addition to our family. The reason we ask for a child so young is we feel it would be better if the child did not remember the pain of Katrina and devastation it caused until old enough to understand and be told with love. You can contact us at or 606-561-0664

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