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December 01, 2005




Hi, I am a single mother and have raised my boys alone after leaving an abusive marriage many years ago. I never received any child support since 1989. I have two young men, ages 17 and 18 and they are good kids, they are working hard to get out of school and I want them to do well in their future. Since these devastating hurricanes, Katrina and Rita, my home is damaged, I have vehicle damages and lost some of our personal belongings. In addition, I lost my job. The bills are all coming in and piling up, it is such a stressful time and my family has had other tragedies besides these hurricanes to try and get through. I always make it a nice Christmas every year for my boys, but this year, after these terrible hurricanes and all of the other hurt and pain in our lives, I won't be able to have a nice Christmas for my boys unless there is someone out there that is able to help us. Any help is greatly appreciated and I am a very humble person. I am not one to ask for any help, as I have always supported my boys alone as a single parent all these years. I am hoping I can get some help to make it a nice Christmas for my boys. They both wear small shirts in mens, 17 yr old wears jeans size 36 waist, 32 length, 18 yr old wears jeans size 31 waist, 30 length, and shoes are sizes 9 1/2 and 11. Before the hurricanes I was working on helping my boys get on their senior trip this year with all of their other friends, but since the hurricanes I am sad to say, I won't be able to do it and it is a major let down for my boys, I have had to break the bad news to them. They graduate in 2006 and I still have yet to be able to afford their cap and gowns, invitations and other supplies. With Faith, I know in time, things will be okay. We are taking one day at a time. I want to thank each and everyone out there that helps all of the hurricane victims. Your generosity will always be remembered. MY EMAIL IS I hope to hear a response soon and God bless and Happy Holidays - Paris

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