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December 12, 2005


louis wattigney

i am from st bernard me and my wife and three kids lost everythine to kitrina we need help for our three kids for christmas thank you

Trisha Landry and Krystal Hollier

Adopt this family---PLease!
Last Christmas December 2004 Jeanie was diagnosed with lung cancer.
One year later... Jeanie died this Saturday Dec 10, her funeral was Dec 13, 2005

This family needs you to be SANTA

We are just now making this request out of desperation.

Today is Dec 15, 2005 and Christmas is nearly here! We did not contact any organizations as they are all so swamped with Katrina victims. If you are looking to find a family that really needs help--this is the one. They are sweet kids and the young ones don't really understand about mom's death or Santa.
Chad Legere is their father who is a truck driver and no one has been able to buy gifts. The children are 17, 14, 12, 9, 7, and 2
Their address is 126 Pennington Dr. Duson, LA 70529
Christmas wish List:
Chad is a truck driver so he can use clothes and work boot or tools.
Sizes: Wrangler Jeans: 38x36, Shirts: 3x, Work boots: 10 ½
Kayla:(girl) 17 Years the oldest of the children. Her birthday is next week and she will turn 18. She just started working and can use clothes. A gift card would be best for her.
Jonathan:(boy) 14 Years Old
A gift card would also be best for him. He also wants an x-box
live subscription. he loves basketball--a goal would be nice.
Gavin:(boy) 12 Years Old he wants clothes, games for playstation 2 and anything to do with baseball. Sizes: Pants: 16, Shirts: 14/16, Shoes: 8 ½
Avery: (boy) 9 Years Old he wants clothes, gameboy advance game (Lilo & Stich), pajama pants, anything football, he likes Old Navy clothes.
Sizes: Pants: 10 Shirts: 10/12 Shoes: 4
Bailey: (girl) 7 Years Old she wants clothes, bratz crib, cabbage patch dolls, and Barbie clothes. She loves the color pink. Sizes: Shirt: 8, Pants: 8 slim, Shoes: 1
Zane: (boy) 2 Years Old
He needs clothes, and maybe a dress outfit or two.
Sizes: 3T shirt and pants, shoes: 8 ½
Zane is the youngest of all the kids and this past year he has stayed with his mom in Texas at MD Anderson Hospital. Zane likes 18-wheelers, Sponge Bob, cowboy stuff, farm animals & barn, Kids movies. Zane loves to dress in cowboy clothes, and cowboy boots.

I am their neighbor and help as much as I can, but I work and I have a
1 year old. My husband and I just bought them a dryer because theirs went out. Please reach out to this family.
Thank you
Trisha Landry
Badger Oil Corporation
3861 Amb. Caffery Pkwy, #400
Lafayette, LA 70503
337-735-3317 337-230-6905

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