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December 05, 2005


banetta adams

To whom it may concern,
My daughter Banetta Adams, has been notified by FEMA that she has 60 days to vacate her apartment here in Houston. FEMA says that she will be evicted because she cannot provide proof of her residency in New Orleans.
In other words FEMA is going to put my child and her 2 children in the street because she cannot prove that the vicious waters of Hurricane Katrina, ravished her apt and destroyed her property. In addition, to that disaster she encountered yet another. Hurricane Rita tore off the roof in her apt in Beaumont, Texas... leaving her distraught. However in Beaumont, the landlord has vouched for her and has confirmed her residency. The landlord has even went as far as writing a statement, which was sent to FEMA. Both hurricanes struck several months ago, and to date, she has not received compensation.
Where is the justice in this? Do they think she just decided to give up her good paying job, in New Orleans, relocate her kids from one school to another. Live in 4 different hotels and to then move into an apt complex where she was robbed, all for no reason?
As a result of the robbery, he found her cell number and made several attempts to exchange her valuables for money. To say the least it freaked us out to hear him trying to make a deal with a person he had just robbed. Of course the police were contacted, however, her items were never recovered.

Finally when you think that nothing else could go wrong...Suddenly she is terminated because she requested a few days off as to recover from this ordeal. We are hoping someone will hear her cry, reopen her FEMA case, and prevent this mother and her kids from becoming homeless once again.

A worried mother, Marie Adams
25469 Borough pk dr apt 1312
Spring, Texas 77380

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