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    September 01, 2005


    Carolyn Arnold

    I'm looking for a man I knew in Hammond La. I lived with him for awhile and was wondering if he is okay after katrina. Would like to get in contact with him. I know he had a daughter in Colorado. My name is Carolyn and I dated a guy Jerome knew from Ohio. E-mail me @


    Im Looking for 2 relatives of my wife name Ramon and Maria Ramirez. We are from Los Angeles, Ca. She is seeking her brother and sister that she has never met. 5501 Bundy Rd 70127 New Orleans if an body knows anyone by that name and address write to me on my email address please we would like your help.
    Thank You

    marilyn young

    looking for emanuel mauldin of new orleans.
    manny, email mom and pops or call


    i am looking for the Guthridge family especially ALLINA GUTHRIDGE

    nancy ferguson

    looking for charles and johnnie armour of new orleans....she was originally from abile tx..he is retired air force...anyone who might know where they are pls let me know..thank you and god bless all of you.....

    liz rogers

    I'am looking for the Richards family,jackie,judith Kathy,Marsha,Keith,charles,greg,and wayne,please e-mail me to let me know that you'll are alright love ya liz my e-mail is lizzie38yrs@yahoocom






    I am trying to locate Raeshad Johnson and Wanda Lonzo Johnson, who lived on Toulouse Street in New Orleans, in order to return some family photos left behind when they evacuated. I would appreciate any leads to help me get in touch with them. If there are other websites where I might check for contact information, that would be helpful, too.
    Thank you very much for your help.
    CJ --

    robert garner

    hi, i am looking for some friends and relatives...

    deborah small laurent
    gail ann garner
    janice garner
    willie garner
    lena thomas
    carliss houston

    please call me at 213 748 9469 if you have any anformation

    Ayanna Johnson

    I am looking for a friend name Sharonda Randall. She married Darrall Randall who is in the United States Army. She has a daughter name Daria and has a younger son. Sharonda's fathere lived in New Orleans as well. If anyone knows of there where abouts please email or call 773-932-4234 cell. Thanxs!!

    Melissa Furtney-Robertson

    I am looking for my brother James Richard Schwanes and or my sister in law Barbara Schwantes from Metorie, LA. Jim if you read this please let me know you are OK!!! I have been trying to find out about you since this happened!! Melissa (Sister) at


    iam looking for renata for carl if you read this write me at this e-mail

    Jewel Harrell

    Looking for Barbara Williams she's 53 years of age born July 2,1952. if you are this person or know any one form hurricane-katrina by this name please call 806-549-6377 or 806-241-2357.

    Clifton Glen wilson JR.

    I,m looking for my dad and grandmother I havent seen my father yrs. I would like to know if my father and grandmother are alive . my dad has a nick name tiger. please let me know if my dad is alive please!!


    im looking for eric michael asher and michael voebel. they both went to chalmette high school. im also looking for kyle dodd and kyle usner. if anyone knows where they are please email me .

    Linda Jones

    I'm looking for any information on some friends of my mom. They are Marvin and Dawn Jackson on May Hay Branch Road In Mandeville, LA. She is very worried about them and has tried to contact them often with no luck. anyone with any information please feel free to e-mail me at Thanks and God Bless. I'll keep y'all in my prayers.

    crystal jumper

    i do not think that yall should give people a chance to evaquate this time when this huricane comes because every one see last time i think if they stay then we dont need to help them out..

    tanya  spencer

    searching for love ones,names bowser,lewis, anderson,watson please e-mail me to let me know your safe

    Katrina Bethea

    I am posting this in hopes that someone knows where Bonita Stevens is located...she has a sister in North Carolina named Patrice Maultsby...She is worried and upset at the fact she hasn't heard from her...if anyone comes in contact with her please give her this # 910-257-7887....thank you...and my heart goes out to all who were touched in anyway by Hurrican Katrina...

    Orlando Freemont

    Looking for good friend Tony Monk. e-mail me man

    Harvetta Jordan

    I am looking for my
    cousin LaBralua King and
    her family, Tamika, Ledonia,
    Terrance, Areal. Last
    seen leaving for Baton
    Rouge but not heard from
    since last Sat.


    juan perez, are you an American? If so act it

    Patrea Williams

    I wanted to say to Juan Perez that Yes, it is sad that 800 people died in Bagdad, but we have to look after our own sometime. If it was between worry over one person you know or 8 in another state you did not know who would you feel concern for more? 800 may have died to 100 in New Orleans but there are still 100,000 trapped with out food, water, medicine or electricity. What do you think the death toll will end at from those numbers, and that just in New Orleans? People on Heart meds' or insulin, what are they going to do with out help? How often do we send suport to everyone everywhere for their natural disasters? Isn't time for us to assist people here in our own USA if they need it? The bridge collaspe was in my newspaper (and my prayers go out to their families) but I am more woried about the living and I want to know more about those I can help now. So put things in perspective. More than 100,000 living, trapped, and devastated or 800 already gone.

    Kaci Ward

    My friend Tommy Night lives in New Orleans louisiana and I was wondering if their was any way i could find out if he is alright and was taken to safety. I miss and love him so much! Tommy if you see this I LOVE U!

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