You will find very few posts here criticizing Kathleen Blanco's performance post-Katrina. It has been my goal for the past  569 days to refrain from the blame game and to maintain as much positivity here as  possible  given the reality. I choose my battles. So now I am compelled to respond to statements made by Kathleen  Blanco as reported today in The Shreveport Times. To wit:

"When I look back at the storms, if I had had the knowledge that I would be treated as a pariah by the national Republicans in office, I would have joined the Republican Party to save my state. Then I would have been hugged and kissed and lifted, and I would have been declared the best governor in this whole country, I wish I had realized that earlier. I think that was the fatal error".

No  personal accountability in any of those statements.  This is very disappointing. I happen to be one who feels that where leadership is concerned the buck stops there. Live by the sword, die by it too. In my estimation it was the bungled Road Home Program that proved to be the fatal blow. ' Nuff said... for now.

Margaret Saizan