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Labyrinth at City Park, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Labyrinth at City Park, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Baton Rouge Gallery, City Park

September 01, 2004

This labyrinth design by the Baton Rouge Labyrinth Project is an adaptation of the labyrinths in the cathedrals in Chartres and Riems, France. The center is from Chartres and the four spaces is from Riems. The labyrinth has nine circuits and is 83 feet in diameter with 3 foot paths. If one pauses at the four spaces on the way in and out, one has nine opportunties to pause and reflect. The four spaces are aligned to the four ordinal directions.When walking the labyrinth, one can pause east, south, west, and north before one walks a circle with the fourth circuit and then walk the five inner circuits. This is an original labyrinth design and the first time it has been laid down.